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Everyone is welcome; our only requirement is that you love the "Illini".

Dues will be $15 per person or $25 per family (Membership Free for Current Students and Graduates within the last 3 years).  Dues are used to pay for website, snail mail, administrative costs, supplementing events, corporation fees, community service and all additional monies will be donated to our scholarship fund.   

Please select the type you wish to purchase and click the "Continue" button below.
Student /Recent Grad Membership
  Description:  Students Memberships are Free. Recent Grads can join the club for free for 3 years after graduation.
Membership price:  $0.00

Standard Individual - 1 Year
  Description:  Membership for an individual for 1 year (365 days)
Membership price:  $15.00

Standard Family - 1 Year
  Description:  Standard Family Membership includes two adults and all your your children for 1 year
Membership price:  $25.00