Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the Quad Cities Illini Club?
We are a regional chapter of the University of Illinois Alumni Association.    We welcome alumni and friends of all three campuses of the University of Illinois.  We host social events, cultural outings, alumni networking, student recruitment, and community service activities in the Quad Cities area!

How is the Club related to the University of Illinois Alumni Association?
The Alumni Association provides direction for our club and co-sponsors selected club events.  The club maintains its own membership list and e-mails only to club members.  Sometimes, the Association helps us advertise an event by mailing our flyer to their Quad Cities-area members.

Who are our members?
We have members who live all throughout the Quad Cities area. Singles, marrieds, even a few U of I couples. Our membership includes Alumni, Friends and Family.  The only requirement is that you love the ILLINI.

What is the difference between registering on the site (i.e. joining our distribution list) and becoming a member of the Quad Cities Illini Club?
Registering on our site is FREE and involves providing a small amount of contact information. After registration, and assuming that you have selected to receive club emails, you will receive regular emails from us announcing new events.

Becoming a member of the Quad Cities Illini Club involves paying annual dues and providing your contact information. Members receive discounted prices and preference for tickets to club events, access to sponsor discounts and access to Quad Cities Area Illini Club job listings. We plan to add additional benefits in the near future
. We expect that the savings members receive more than equals the small annual price of membership.

How do I register on the site (i.e. join our distribution list)?
1. Click the "New user, registration is FREE" link in the upper left hand corner of the Home page.
2. Enter your email address, and first and last name.
3. Complete the visual validator exercise.
4. Click "Join". A temporary password will be emailed to you within the next several minutes.

How do I become a member of the Quad Cities Illini Club?
1. Click the Membership link on the navigation bar on the Home page and select "Join."
2. Choose the membership level you'd like to purchase. Click the "Continue" button.
3. Enter your email address, and choose a nickname (screen name)
4. Fill out your billing information
5. Click "Confirm"
6. Double check the information and click "Submit."
That's it! You're now a member. You will then receive a welcome email message and a temporary password. Please use the temporary password to log in for the first time, and change your password to something memorable.

Once I become a member, how do I know when my membership expires?
The new website tracks the date of membership or membership renewal. Memberships are for one year from the date of purchase or membership renewal (except for lifetime memberships). To assist you with keeping track of your membership, when you are logged in, the expiration date of your membership is displayed on the homepage "Home" in a box titled "Important Stuff" (located at the top, on the left side of the homepage, directly beneath the horizontal navigation bar).

My user ID and password do not seem to work
Your user name is the email address you used to register for If you can't remember your password, click on the ''Forgot your password'' link on the log-in page and we will send it to the email address you used to register for this website.

What kinds of social events do we offer?
We try to offer a variety of programs since we have such a diverse membership.  Some highlights include:
• Cultural events at local attractions, including theaters, gardens, and museums
• Fighting Illini Football and Basketball watching at a sports bar
• Annual bus trips to Football Games and Basketball Games

How often do we have events?
About once a month

What do we do besides social events?
We select several U of I freshmen from this area each year as winners of our club scholarships. We typically host a picnic near the end of July each summer for the scholarship winners and invite all of the area incoming freshmen to meet each other and ask any questions they may have about the U of I.

How do I change my RSVP guest list for an event?
1. Click on the My Account link at the top of the page.
2. Choose the "Edit my RSVP list" and click the "go" button.
3. Change any information that you'd like.

What else can I do when I login and go to the My Account area?
1. You can check to see what you have purchased online in the past from the Quad Cities Area Illini Club, and then print out your record.
2. Find out which future events you have already signed up for. If desired, you can also change your RSVPs if you or a guest can't come and you need to fill in another name.
3. Easily learn your membership status. This enables you to go to the correct portion of the website and renew before your membership expires.